Los Roques is a paradisiacal place, beautiful and quiet, far from the stress of the cities. You will see just two cars traveling by its sand streets!

El Gran Roque (the largest island) has all basic services and you can find here different places to eat like pizzeria, fast food, typical food. Moreover, there are pubs and discos in which you can enjoy a tropical cocktail o dance our good music.

On Gran Roque you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, in the lighthouse or in any pub by the seashore.

Los Roques is an archipelago with white sand and crystalline waters where you can rest, take sun, stroll along the beautiful park or you can do any of the following activities:

Windsurf: Wind surfing is one of the most sought-after sports in the island because of the frequent Trade Winds and the calm waters. You will find a wind surfing academy at Francisqui Abajo island.

Diving: The great coral reef barrier and the wide range of marine species make Los Roques an ideal place for diving lovers. You will find five different diving centers a Gran Roque. 

Kite surfing: Some years ago, Los Roques has become a hidden treasure for kite surfing fans because of its calm and warm waters moved by the Caribbean wind.

Kayac: You can know remote places of Los Roques in a funny way, doing exercises and enjoying this beautiful place at the same time. Rent a kayak!

Sailing: If you want, some day, sailing through the park, you will find in Los Roques more than one option. You can decide from enjoy a fulday to stay on board more days with an all inclusive package.

Fishing: Fishing is your greatest wish? Here your dream becomes real. Fishing in Los Roques is so funny and full of fishes that you will remain surprised by the magic of our Universe. You could do flying fishing, sport fishing or trolling.